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The Three Pillars of Protect Youth Sports’ Top Tier Customer Support

There is a debate among business professionals about whether to put your customers or your employees first. “Why does it have to be an either / or?” we wonder.
When Protect Youth Sports faced this challenging experience, we decided to focus on three things we knew our expert team of industry leaders could deliver really well. […]

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Protect Youth Sports Announces Partnership with

May 19, 2014 – Tampa, FL – Priority Research Corporation, DBA Protect Youth Sports

Protect Youth Sports, a Tampa based background check provider has announced that they have partnered with LeagueLineup, a leading web services provider to youth and sports organizations throughout North America. has chosen Protect Youth Sports to offer their clients the ability to […]

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American Legion Baseball

The American Legion is implementing mandatory risk management policies beginning in 2013 for its national youth programs that include background screening procedures and policies for the enhanced protection of The American Legion and its youth program participants. As the exclusive background screening provider chosen by The American Legion, Protect Youth Sports will conduct annual background checks for the […]

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Why Use Social Security Numbers?

It is quite possible that you may have encountered a candidate who is not comfortable with turning over his/her Social Security Number (SSN) for a background check. Here at Protect Youth Sports, clients are commonly faced with candidates questioning the need for their SSN’s to be provided. If you were in the position of those […]

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Protect Youth Sports partners with organizations that share our view that the best way to improve the safety, security and protection of our children and youth in our communities is through safe youth sports programs. Our partners are essential to addressing the issue of sexual abuse head on. If your organization is affiliated with one […]

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Preventative Measures

No organization wants to face the daunting task of denying a candidate’s request to volunteer or work. Often there can be a large amount of liability in the action of declining a candidate. The only way to ensure that your organization is legitimately handling these circumstances is to develop a policy. A pre-approved policy by […]

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Get Up To Date

Most of the time, staff members and volunteers inside of your organization are juggling multiple hats. The representative handling the background screening process for your organization has probably already experienced the tedious task of collecting consent forms from your candidates. Everything from wasting time tracking down candidates who have not returned their forms to supplying […]

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Don’t Drop The Ball

Regardless of the type of organization, often things get overlooked and forgotten in times of transition. You have likely experienced a change in position and know that people forget to tell you all the details. Protect Youth Sports has also seen that for our clients’ organizations, handling these transitions can be quite taxing. However, we […]

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Protect Youth Sports is proud to be an American company. We are thankful to be a part of a country where freedom has been paid for and will continue to be paid for. The existence of Protect Youth Sports and that of all our clients is made possible by the foundation set by our country. During this […]

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Are You Ordering The Correct Search?

Here at Protect Youth Sports, we do all that we can to assist our clients in making the screening process simple and stress-free. We understand that there may be a number of screening providers that claim to have and attempt to offer the same level in quality when it comes to client services. However, we […]

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