Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring from Protect Youth Sports is the most thorough ongoing monitoring system on the market that empowers organizations to monitor their background checked staff and volunteers on a more frequent basis.

Our ongoing monitoring service provides alerts to organizations whenever there is a reportable change in an individual’s criminal record history, without waiting for a scheduled re-screen. The best part? It’s an affordable way to maximize the safeguards that protect your ministry.

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How does Continuous Monitoring work?

  • The applicant is automatically screened through a national criminal and sex offender database using name and date of birth as identifiers.
  • If new offenses are discovered, we verify the potential new and adverse information at the local level in which the incident occurred. This happens in real-time.
  • Next, we compile an updated consumer report for any reportable findings.

Benefits of Monitoring

  • Learn crucial information about staff and volunteers quickly – alerts are delivered near instantly once a record becomes public
  • Create a culture of trust and transparency within your community
  • Keep children, volunteers, staff and visitors safe from harm
  • Protect your organization’s invaluable reputation
  • Deter sex offenders and criminals from volunteering and working at your organization
  • Provide additional safeguards beyond initial and annual background checks


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Don’t Let Bad Actors Slip Through the Cracks

Most organizations screen people during the hiring process and then re-screen them after 12, 24, or even 36 months. The problem with this screening frequency is there are no guarantees someone won’t commit an offense while working or volunteering for your organization.

If a staff member or volunteer does commit a crime, the organization may not learn of this offense until the next re-screen interval which could potentially be years later. This exposes your organization to the risk of potentially huge problems.

With Continuous Monitoring, your organization can effectively mitigate some risks associated with a staff member or volunteer committing an offense while working for you.

Our Continuous Monitoring Solution is the most robust on the market, with:

  • Records updated every 60 seconds
  • 100,000+ new records added daily
  • Nationwide federal court coverage
  • Traffic court moving violation data
  • Sex offender data from 50 states
  • Continuous court records monitoring for 92%+ of the U.S.
  • Customizable search criteria

The work your organization does within your community, and around the globe, is simply too important to be jeopardized by criminals, sex offenders, and other bad actors.

Stay in the know with Continuous Monitoring from Protect Youth Sports to mitigate potential risks and create a space that’s safe and secure for children, staff, organization members and visitors.

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