Child Safety Training

Help protect the children and families in your community that trust your youth leagues and volunteer programs. Our online Child Safety Training Course consists of 5 lessons followed by a quiz to help educate those working with children to spot the signs of abuse.

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Why Child Safety Training is a must

The lifelong damage caused by child abuse is devastating. Those working with our youth have a tremendous opportunity to protect them, but many don’t know the signs of abuse because they’ve never been properly trained. Don’t let this be your organization’s blind spot.

By taking action and education your coaches, volunteers, staff and organization leader, you’re better equipped to spot the signs of abuse and take the appropriate next steps.

Our online Child Safety Course helps your organization recognize the signs of child sexual abuse and the characteristics of perpetrators. It allows you to take proactive measures that protect children against harm. With less than 38% of child victims disclosing they’ve been sexually abused, it’s critical the training is taken seriously by adults.

What the statistics tell us

It’s difficult to look at real numbers surrounding child abuse, but important to begin understanding the gravity of the problem. Statistics show that 1 in 7 girls and 1 in 25 boys will be sexually assaulted by the time they reach age 18, but most victims are under age 14. Roughly 90% of child abuse cases involve someone they know and trust, and over 1,700 children die from their abuse.

One out of every 417 persons in the U.S. is on the sex offender registry making it vital to complete background checks. However, with over 678,000 victims of child abuse and neglect and over 47,000 unique cases each year, you can see many perpetrators go undetected until caught.

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Consequences of abuse

Victims of child abuse often struggle with the emotional effects for the rest of their lives. Sadly, child abuse victims are themselves at higher risk of inflicting the abuse on other children.

Allegations of abuse can also tarnish, sometimes irretrievably, an organization’s reputation. Instead of being able to run youth sports programs, the organization must spend their time explaining to the media, to the courts, and to parents why they weren’t able to prevent the abuse. The financial impact can be devastating as well. Some programs have faced verdicts of up to $100 million for child abuse committed by those whom they were charged with supervising.

Any youth league or program that has individuals working with children (even those that volunteer without pay) may be held responsible for the actions of that individual.

Educate your team

Protect Youth Sports joins organizations to avoid, as much as possible, incidences of child abuse on our watch. Our Child Safety Training helps educate your volunteers by heightening awareness, increasing responsibility, and creating a greater sense of community that keeps a watchful eye on children.