Get the Full Picture with Social Media Screening

If your orgaization doesn’t take the extra step to screen social media and online behaviour of volunteers and employees-you’re not alone. It’s time consuming and there are legal areas to consider. That’s why we’ve simplified the process for you.

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What to expect from our Social Media Screening service

We provide personalized customer support and adjudication training on how to apply online data to your screening workflow, code of conduct, and policies. Every report includes an analysis and categorized supplemental data of publicly available problematic content in the context in which it was shared.


  • Business related actionable results
  • Accurate, relevant data
  • 10 years of social media background screening experience
  • Automated workflow
  • Adjudication Decision Training Program
  • AI + Human Analytics
  • Only online screening provider FCRA, EEOC, and data privacy law compliant

Why use a professional Social Media Screening service?

Even when actively screening coaches and volunteers, you can do more to ensure you get a full picture of the person working within your youth sports program. Social media tends to uncover areas like hostility, harassment, and bullying and helps you avoid the risk of bad publicity.

But, you shouldn’t DIY social screenings. It can get very expensive and time-consuming. Plus, you may find protected or sensitive information that you can’t unsee or apply when selecting volunteers or making a hiring decision. This can put your organization at risk for negligent hiring practices and lawsuits.

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