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Protect Youth Sports developed the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective background check management solution available for youth sports programs and community organizations across the country.

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Whether you manage one or multiple departments, an effective risk management strategy is a must. We help you keep everything in order while maintaining the integrity you need to keep the volunteer process running smoothly.

Youth Sports

Parents and volunteers handle nearly all the responsibilities involved with youth sports, so it’s essential to run mandatory background checks. Not only does this deter predators, but it also provides peace of mind.

Parks & Rec

Tens of thousands of volunteers from different backgrounds and age groups serve parks & recreation centers. By properly screening volunteers, these recreation activities will be safer for everyone involved.


Community driven volunteer activities involve interactions with children, seniors, and everyone in between. With accurate background checks, you provide the safest environment possible.

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Choose from a range of background screening solutions.

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Background Checks

We provide accurate background screenings for youth sports organizations, parks and recreational centers, community programs, volunteers, and employment.


Child Safety Training

Go beyond background checks and educate coaches, staff, and volunteers with our online training for child abuse prevention.


Real-Time Monitoring

Access an FCRA-compliant, ongoing monitoring tool that allows organizations to monitor their background checked employees and volunteers in real-time.

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Social Media Screening

Screen social media and online behaviors of volunteers and employees to ensure you get the full picture of the people working within your organization.

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Perform your due diligence and save money by including a proactive re-verification process to your risk management strategy.

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Personal Background Checks

Run a personal background check on yourself to stay in-the-know and prepared for what others see during the employee or volunteer onboarding process.

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Which background check is right for you?

The National Background Check Recommendations map provides key information and an overview of the best background screening packages based on your state.

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