Reverification Improves Accuracy
and Lowers Costs

Reverification of National Criminal Database Records

Most background screening companies charge $12 to $14 to re-verify positive records from the national database, plus additional court fees. Protect Youth Sports does this for you at less than half the cost as other companies.

To be proactive, prior to sending national background results to our clients, we verify the accuracy of the information by thoroughly reviewing every positive record “hit” returned from the national criminal & sex offender database. These records are “frozen” for further investigation at the county courthouse. Be wary of any background check service offering you instant results, unless there is a proactive reverification process as well.

Download Why Reverification is Necessary and see our proprietary process described below:

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Reverification Process

Records are first validated based on whether or not they positively match the applicant’s identity. This will prevent you from getting “false positives,” which can happen when doing national database searches. Protect Youth Sports will conduct further due diligence by filtering out un-reportable records (e.g. parking tickets). Clearing out un-reportable records before sending results is the best way to protect the applicant’s rights and is required by the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA). A final report from Protect Youth Sports will include the following:

• Case numbers
• File dates
• Complete description of charges
• Sentencing information
• Deposition and dates
• Cases with multiple charges will be fully explained

Sex offender serach flow chart