The American Legion is implementing mandatory risk management policies beginning in 2013 for its national youth programs that include background screening procedures and policies for the enhanced protection of The American Legion and its youth program participants. As the exclusive background screening provider chosen by The American LegionProtect Youth Sports will conduct annual background checks for the national organization including all staff and volunteers selected to staff national baseball tournaments and contests conducted at the national level. All coaches, managers, and volunteer staff of junior and senior American Legion Baseball teams are also mandated to implement risk management procedures that include conducting background checks through Protect Youth Sports. All departments of The American Legion are strongly urged and encouraged to establish background screening procedures and policies similar to those of the National Organization for staff and volunteers supporting youth programs conducted within their departments.

The American Legion has negotiated discounts for background screening with Protect Youth Sports. The discounted pricing is available for all national youth programs and youth programs within the American Legion. Protect Youth Sports has established a very firm and reputable standing within the youth sports and youth-serving markets for background screening. Protect Youth Sports offers a comprehensive set of services, designed uniquely for background screening and child protection, including:

– National background screening services

– Online child abuse awareness and prevention training

– Industry leading paperless solutions

The American Legion will conduct annual screening for all staff members and volunteers selected for national baseball tournaments, as well as all youth program competitions and contests conducted at the national level. The American Legion believes it will benefit greatly from Protect Youth Sports’ expertise, solid reputation, and proven history of serving more than 10,000 non-profit organizations.

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