There is a debate among business professionals about whether to put your customers or your employees first. “Why does it have to be an either / or?” we wonder.

When Protect Youth Sports faced this challenging experience, we decided to focus on three things we knew our expert team of industry leaders could deliver really well. As long as our employees understood our goals and felt supported during our efforts to achieve these goals, we would always stay on the path toward delivering top tier service to our customers. The plan has worked so well, we’re sharing our three founding principles with you.

Uncompromising Quality Assurance

You can have the most innovative product in the world, but if you don’t have the most qualified people delivering it, it’s simply not going to make an impact. Protect Youth Sports makes an impact because we make an effort to know who are clients are, what their unique needs are, and what types of professionals they’d like to work with. Then we recruit and select only the most skilled and experienced research and verification specialists who match these criteria.

We put our team members through the same type of thorough background check our clients use to vet their applicants. To earn the title of Protect Youth Sports Research Specialist, employees must go through rigorous testing procedures and meet multiple guidelines to ensure the information they are reporting is accurate and collected within the confines of the law.

Best in Class Customer Support

Isn’t it super annoying when you have a question about a product or you’re having tech issues and you can’t. get. anyone. on. the. phone??!! Or an email seeking support gets an automated response that it will take 24 hours for someone to get back to you. Or a tweet directs you to call the 1-800 number that no one ever answers??!! That simply does not happen at Protect Youth Sports. We offer full resolution to most of your needs within 8 business hours and promise to respond to your requests within 4 business hours. Beyond that, we offer a live call center, extended support hours, and online Help Desk Support

Unparalleled Industry Knowledge

There is one thing our employees have in common – an insane amount of insider knowledge about the screening industry. That’s the thing about working with Protect Youth Sports – you are partnering with people who believe in the power of protecting your employees/coaches/volunteers, and most importantly your child participants, through background checks. Investigating employees, volunteers, interns, coaches, and pastors is not simply a job for us – we know that we are your baseline defense to keep bad eggs from hatching within your organization.

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