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Volunteer Coach Background Checks through industry expert Protect Youth Sports are designed to help leagues and youth sports officials implement and maintain a thorough background screening process and child abuse prevention program for volunteers, staff and employees.

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Increase your safeguards

Coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, refs, umpires, officials, facilities staff, bus drivers, and volunteer coordinators all have direct interaction with kids throughout the season. While nearly everyone involved will help provide the safest, most secure environment for all children involved, there is always the chance a predator can and will use this as an opportunity to get closer to kids. Running the right background check for your state and organization increases safeguards that protect children.

Protect your community

It is our responsibility to prevent predators from gaining access to vulnerable groups like children, and a great starting point is the mandatory background check for all volunteers and staff. Protect Youth Sports has established a very firm and reputable standing within the youth sports community, with a proven history of serving over 30,000 youth-serving organizations.

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Packages and Background Screening Services

We provide a range of background checks and searches to ensure you get the full picture of the staff and volunteers that work within your organization.

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PLUS Package Search

• SSN Verification and Address History
• National Criminal Database Search
• National Sex Offender Search
• Re-verification of criminal records
• Alias names
• One county or statewide criminal court search (plus mandatory fees)

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SSN Verification and Address History

The SSN search validates the SSN that a particular applicant provides. The SSN search is vital to verifying the identity of an individual, alias names and any previous addresses. All alias names found are searched on the national database and sex offender registries, in addition to the applicant name provided.

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National Criminal Database Search

The National Criminal Database search has the potential to identify certain crimes that may have occurred outside any addresses found on the SSN search. The national search is not recommended as a stand-alone service in every state due to the limitations of the data being queried.

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National Sex Offender Search

The sex offender search will identify if an applicant is listed on a particular sex offender registry. The sex offender search is critical to identifying any prior sex offenses. All hits found on the national database and sex offender registries are re-verified for accuracy in compliance with the FCRA.

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Re-verification of criminal records

Prior to sending national background results to our clients, we verify the accuracy of the background screening information by thoroughly reviewing every positive record “hit” returned from the national criminal & sex offender database.

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Alias Names

Background checks are stored by name and date of birth, and to ensure they’re accurate, it’s vital that we check alias names in case the person operates under a nickname, maiden name, misspelled name, or a false date of birth.

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County or Statewide Criminal Court Search

The criminal court search is a name check for any criminal history (felony and misdemeanors where available), at the county or state level. A majority of crimes occur within the jurisdiction of an individual’s home address, so the county criminal search or statewide criminal search should be ordered based on the most applicant’s current address history, or the address with the longest residence within the past 7 years.

Beyond our standard background screening packages

If you want to build out your risk management strategy even more, we also provide social media screening, real-time monitoring, and other services. Learn more about our cost-effective background screening services for Youth Sports.