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What type of criminal background check should I do for my staff, employees and volunteers?” is a question we often hear from clients. Protect Youth Sports has consulted with thousands of youth serving volunteer organizations to help them understand the different types of criminal record sources. We’ve even developed an online consultation system, so you can view recommendations for criminal background checks in each state.

Which Background Check
is right for me?

When searching the “national” criminal database it’s important to understand what jurisdictions are included in the database, how often the records are updated, what identifiers are or are not given, what search parameters are used, and what compliance issues are associated with a database “hit” as it relates to the FCRA §613.

Recommendations include criminal background checks, as well as a “true” 50 states sex offender registry search, with several states that must be searched by “name-only” as some states do not provide date of birth on the offenders. A social security number verification is included to verify the correct name and date of birth of the applicant and to alert you to possible mismatches between the name provided by the applicant and the name registered to the social security number. A mismatch could indicate that the applicant is attempting to hide his/her true identity.

Protect Youth Sports is one of very few companies serving the youth sports marketplace that offers an FCRA §613 compliant “national” criminal database search for volunteers and employees.  Our process delivers instant results with no-hit records.  For “hit” records there is a 24-48 hour process of re-verification, in which the county courthouse records are updated to the “national” criminal database records, prior to sending results back.
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