Protect Youth Sports partners with organizations that share our view that the best way to improve the safety, security and protection of our children and youth in our communities is through safe youth sports programs. Our partners are essential to addressing the issue of sexual abuse head on. If your organization is affiliated with one of Protect Youth Sports’ partners, contact on of our Risk Management Specialists today!


Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) – a national non-profit organization committed to providing all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience.


The American Legion is implementing mandatory risk management policies beginning in 2013 for its national youth programs that include background screening procedures and policies for the enhanced protection of The American Legion and its youth program participants. As the exclusive background screening provider chosen by The American LegionProtect Youth Sports will conduct annual background checks for the national organization.


In 2008, NAYS established a collaborative initiative with Protect Youth Sports, one of the industry’s leading innovators of background screening solutions. This partnership was created to provide our members and other youth sports organizations with an essential service. Since a uniform system does not exist, background checks should be conducted to meet your organizations screening policies. Protect Youth Sports® has developed minimum recommendations depending upon your state to assist your organization in creating your policy.


When it comes to risk management and preventing abuse in youth sports, there is no better solution than Protect Youth Sports. Coaches and youth sports administrators look to USA Coaching for resources for education and information that will help support healthy environments in sports. That is why USA Coaching and Protect Youth Sports are offering any member of the United States Olympic Committee an array of risk management solutions designed for youth sports.


Dizzy Dean Baseball has teamed up with Protect Youth Sports, one of the nations’ premier background check providers. Now introducing an all new system for leagues and associations to totally manage their volunteer youth sports coaches background checks and child safety training.