VERITY Features
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VERITY requires no technical expertise. If you can use the internet you will have no problem customizing VERITY to fit your needs. There is no software to install. Get 24/7 access from anywhere with an internet connection. Offsite backups of your data to a secure location protect you and your volunteers from identity theft, accidental damages, or data loss. System updates, system maintenance, training and technical support is included. We do all the custom branding to match your website. View these features by clicking on the descriptions below.


Background Checks (sold separately)
Child Safety Training
Rescreen Notifications
Volunteer Tracking
Online Background Consent Form
Customized Legal Agreement
eSignature Authorization
Custom Branding
Online Application Form
Online Policy Agreement
Notes Tracking
Screening Process Management
Document Uploading
Volunteer Job Board
Volunteer Position Descriptions
Unlimited Leagues & Departments
Volunteer Contact Management
Activity Scheduling
Website Branding
Volunteer (Applicant) Pay FREE FREE
No Annual Subscription w/ One-time Prepayment of Background Checks $299 $399
Annual Bundle Subscription $99 $199 $399 $599

Note: Make a one-time only prepayment for background checks and we will waive the annual subscription fees for Bundles 2 and 3. If your organization chooses to use the Volunteer (Applicant) Pay solution “see our online Volunteer Pay“, then a per-background-check transaction fee will be applied (transaction fee is higher for Bundle 3). We also offer VERITY Bundle 0, with no annual subscription.