Three reasons your youth sports organization should use Protect Youth Sports.

Coach background checks and volunteer screening are essential for any youth sports organization.

In Pennsylvania, the Dallas Youth Basketball Association recently suspended their president for allegedly possessing child pornography.  The association vice president said that he was unaware of the suspect’s alleged penchant for child pornography until he heard of the charges.

The suspect allegedly possessed seven child pornography videos and sixty child pornography images.

In Minnesota, the Bloomington Athletic Association reported that Ronning, a girl’s floor hockey and softball coach was recently sentenced to 12 years for abusing two girls at a local hotel room.  Ronning was convicted of criminal sexual conduct in 1992.  This was an incident that police say also involved a young girl and would have been revealed in a background check.

However, in this case, Ronnie did not complete a sports organization or youth sports background check.

In Stillwater, New York, the girls varsity basketball coach was accused of striking and choking a woman.  He has been charged with a second degree felony and a protection order has been issued.

Protect Youth Sports is automated, affordable and accurate.

Automated because you can start an account and run background checks online right away.  You may have results in as little as 48 hours and their automatic coach scoring system gives you a pass or fail score.  Affordable because they offer great pricing and time saving technology and their reports are accurate.  Each result is verified and checked before reporting to your youth sports organization.  Protect Youth Sports, the recognized coach background check leader.

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