Volunteer Risk Management

Protect Youth Sports is a full service background screening company that offers volunteer based organizations a one-stop-shop for background checks, paperless solutions and child safety training.

When it comes to volunteer and staff screening, no one knows better. Our customers receive the most comprehensive national background check services available, with a national criminal database search, national sex offender check, SSN identity check, and address history, plus a complete re-verification of all criminal hits for guaranteed accuracy on over 600 million national criminal records.

Deeply Discounted Pricing For Qualified Youth Serving Organizations

Because of our unique screening industry relationships, highly advanced background information acquisition technology, and unique business model we are able to offer the most thorough background check in the industry to youth serving organizations at a deeply reduced price.

Time Saving Online Volunteer Application and Background Check Authorization

We offer a fully integrated and legal online volunteer application and background release form that captures volunteer applications from your website, by email or at computer terminals in your office to reduce paperwork, improve accuracy and lower your screening program operating costs. The application questions can be tailored to your organization’s needs and custom branded with logo to match your website.

Robust Online Accounts For Simplified Screening Program Management

You will appreciate the ease and power of our online screening program management system. You and anyone else who needs access, at all of your locations, will be provided an online screening account to check background check status, order and view reports, communicate with Protect Youth Sports support staff, view billing and much more.

Re-Verification of National Criminal Records for Screening Compliance

Our criminal researchers verify the accuracy for all criminal record hits from the national database and verify that they belong to your applicant, including up-to-date sentencing, description of charges and dispositions (guilty/not guilty). Our Re-Verification process keeps you compliant with federal and state fair reporting laws. You don’t have to worry whether your organization’s screening is done ethically and within the limits of the law.

Automatic Coach Scoring System for Pass/Fail

Your organization will automatically receive Protect Youth Sports Automatic Volunteer Scoring system and be alerted to criminal history records that do not meet our stringent screening requirements.

Online Consultation to Help You Select the Right Screening

Database searches can be a valuable research tool, however not all states provide comprehensive criminal records to the national criminal database.  Therefore, we provide recommendations by state to help you decide whether to add more in-depth county or statewide court searches.

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