Monthly Monitoring


Background checks are vital when hiring the best people to work with children and teenagers. But, even when doing your due diligence, you may wonder if you could be doing more than an initial background check and annual re-screenings. The answer is yes!

With Monthly Monitoring from Protect Youth Sports, you access an FCRA-compliant, ongoing monitoring tool that allows organizations to frequently monitor their background checked employees and volunteers, filling the gap between lengthy re-screens.

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How does Monthly Monitoring work?

  • The applicant is automatically screened through a national criminal and sex offender database once a month.
  • At the time of the monthly screen, if new offenses are discovered, we re-verify the potential new and adverse information.
  • Next, we compile an updated consumer report for any reportable findings.
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By signing up for Monthly Monitoring, you’ll learn crucial information about staff and volunteers quickly. Your organization will not only create a culture of trust, but you’ll also protect your invaluable reputation. Plus, our ongoing monitoring tool is affordable and efficient, making it a win-win for any organization that works with youth.

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Don't stay in the dark when it comes to background checks

With up-to-date information, your organization can effectively mitigate some of the risks associated with an employee or volunteer committing an offense while working for you. Sign up for Monthly Monitoring from Protect Youth Sports and make the most informed decision about employees and volunteers.