If you think a person should be able to submit their own background check to your organization, you might want to think again.

There are several issues with allowing a coach, volunteer or employee to retreive their own background check. They could submit for a background check and falsify the report before submitting it to your oganization. This has been the case at Johnston School Department when an applicant submitted false papers to the school department. According to the police report the applicant tried to get a job with the Johnston School Department as a volleyball coach. The applicant was arraigned on a charge of filing false documents and sent to the Adult Correctional Institutions on a previous warrant.

To verify a persons identification we recommend a Social Security Number (SSN) verification, including a name and date of birth check. By conducting a simple check like this we can verify a person’s identity and you can be sure the information they are providing is first of all true and accurate, then you can use this information to search court records and national database records for felony, misdemeanor and sex offender history. Every organization should take the responsibility to collect an applicant’s agreeement for a background check and perform the proper due dilligence, themselves, by conducting an SSN verification and criminal records search. This should be repeated annually as long as the volunteer or employee is in contact with youth or other vulnerable persons.

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